[New Spell] Three Step Trap

Three Step Trap

Valance snarled as he saw his precious giant spiders stuck helplessly to the wall, chittering and squeaking in their dreadful language. The priest of the Spider God turned to regard the nervous wizard.

What have you done to my spiders?” Valance demanded.

I thought they were going to eat me!” squeaked the young mage.

Valance grinned an evil grin.

If they don’t, I will,” hey said as he advanced.


Three Step Trap (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level of magic-user (covers 20 square feet per level)

Duration: Three turns.

This spell is so named because there is a slight delay on each individual before the magic takes effect on an individual, roughly three steps into the enchanted area. Three Step Trap captures the feet of those walking or running into the affected zone and holds them fast to the ground (or wall or ceiling in the case of creatures that travel on these surfaces). It takes a Strength of 14+ to break free and trudge through the area of the spell, and movement even then is at ¼ normal speed. Those affected can still cast spells, fire ranged weapons, etc. 

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