[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Skull That Calls From Beyond The Grave

Magical Skulls: The Skull That Calls From The Grave

The adventurers looked on in dismay at the dilapidated inn that they had frequented in the past. Set near the edge of an ancient forest, this had been a safe and reliable respite from manya harrowing adventure.

“Everything looks rundown,” Chalk observed. “Windows broken, curtains tattered, something is wrong.”

“I thought I saw something moving on the second floor, the window in the middle,” whispered Valance.

“I saw it too,” Koram whispered back as he reached for his bow and knocked an arrow. “Do we send in the gnome?”

“Hey!” snorted Nudge.

“You are a thief,” muttered Chalk. The gnome shrugged.

A ruckus burst out within the inn, followed by a cacophony of tittering and howls. A band of ghouls broke the door down and rushed the party.

“Looks like we are sleeping rough again,” Koram lamented as he let an arrow fly.

Among the many magical skulls the Skull That Calls From Beyond The Grave looks the most ordinary, except for the long canine teeth, that almost resemble those of a vampire. In fact this skull once belonged to a prominent ghoul lord that was overthrown and cursed, but not without one final bit of magic being cast by one of his minions that enchanted the creature’s skull. Now this vile artifact is rumored to be passed about from necromancer to necromancer as these villainous wizards seek to swell their undead legions.

Benefit: Usually buried around a dwelling of the living, the Skull That Calls From Beyond The Grave is like an evil seed that radiates dark magic, affecting those around it as the longer they stay within its power. Every day the living spend within a 50′ radius of this cursed item there is a base 15% chance (with an additional 3% cumulative chance per day) of them becoming a ghoul, wight or zombie (45% chance of either ghoul or wight, 10% chance of zombie). Right before this transformation occurs the victim gets to make a save versus spell-like devices at -1, those who fail fall dead on the spot only to rise 1d4 turns later as either a ghoul or wight. A Remove Curse spell will reverse this wicked magic if cast within 72 hours, otherwise the change is permanent. No living intelligent humanoid is immune to this magical skull, so even necromancers are careful when handling this evil artifact.

Usable by: Anyone, but mostly handled by the Chaotic.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Skull That Calls From Beyond The Grave

  1. trey says:

    Cool item with an awesome title. I could see Cousin Eerie or the Crypt-Keeper spinning the tale of “The Skull That Calls From Beyond the Grave!”

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