[New Spell] Awaken from Slumber

Recall from Slumber

Chalk looked smug after casting his spell over the fire giant guard. The burly giant yawned heavily then dozed off to sleep.

Such a simple spell,” the wizard chuckled to himself.

The priest of the Fell Goddess appeared unexpectedly and look upon the slumbering giant in dismay then at Chalk and his companions. The villainous priest began chanting and tapped his staff upon the cobblestones. The giant seemed to be instantly invigorated and snarled at the interlopers.

Chalk looked over his shoulder at Valance.

Yeah, I think we will be needing those giant spiders after all.”

The priest of the Spider God beamed with joy and began summoning spiders.


Recall from Slumber (Divine)

Level 1

Range: 10′ + 5′ per level of cleric

Duration: Instantaneous.

The Recall from Slumber spell awakens and refreshes those who are either extremely fatigued or have been subjected to magically induced sleep (either by spell or item). This spell affects one individual plus one per level of the casting cleric. Those so awakened feel revitalized and refreshed and are +1 on all rolls for three turns before returning to their normal state.

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