[New Spell] See Through You

See Through You

What is behind this door that is grumbling and growling so?” Chalk asked as he held his ear to the dungeon door.

The Scholar of Wexos stepped up and made an odd motion with his hands then he rubbed the door as if wiping dust and dirt from a window. The door suddenly looked as if it had a window in it. A huge ogre slept near a pile of treasure, the beast deep in slumber.

Let me at him!” warbled Nudge the gnome thief as he tried to silently open the door.


See Through You (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10′

Duration: 5 minutes per level of illusionist or until the target moves.

With this spell illusionists cause solid objects to appear mostly transparent, as if looking through thick glass. Text is a little difficult to read, with an 80% chance of success. This spell is mainly used to discover hidden objects behind the target, but may be used to make a person or object transparent (like a wall between the caster and a charging figure). Without careful inspect there is only a 15% chance of noticing an unmoving transparent object (+2 to ambush strikes and thief abilities), but once a subject moves the illusion fades. To make this effect work only one way the illusionist must roll 4-6 on 1d6 when casting the spell, otherwise the spell makes an object transparent to all.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] See Through You

  1. trey says:

    Can it be used to make part of an object transparent, like say just a person’s arm?

  2. I love spells that don’t scream “combat tool”. Useful, and intriguing!

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