[New Magic Item] Crown of the Elements

Crown of the Elementals


Back vile wyrm!” bellowed the dwarf fighter.

The serpentine creature cackled and raised its head to attack. The thing breathed a stream of fire at the dwarf who stood tall in his tough armor. A wisp of smoke rose from the dwarf’s face as the wyrm looked on in astonishment.

Me beard!” roared the dwarf as he drew two short swords and ran snarling at the wyrm. The creature caught a glimpse of something silver and gold glittering on the dwarf’s brow and shrieked as it raced towards the dwarf with sharp teeth and talons.


These well made silver and gold crowns are very rare and highly prized by those who deal with harsh elements, especially adventurers. Made long ago by a society of elf and dwarf smiths against the wishes of the elemental rulers, the community was mysteriously destroyed, but not before a dwarf escaped with a half dozen of these magic items.

Benefit: The wearer of a Crown of the Elements takes half damage from fire/heat and freezing damage. While wearing this magic item one cannot be drowned or knocked over by wind short of a hurricane. In addition, once per day the bearer of a Crown of the Elements may summon and control a least elemental creature (4HD, 1d6 Dmg, Save F6, 800xp, all other stats unchanged) for one hour and once per week a minor elemental (8HD, 1d8 Dmg, Save F8, 1570 XP) may be summoned for three turns. Wearer is 40% likely to be singled out by elemental creatures over any other available targets in melee.

Usable by: Anyone.


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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Crown of the Elements

  1. Neat magic item. I am glad you decided to keep blogging Bat. Though I don’t always comment, your content rocks.

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