[New Magic Item] Nargilu The Orc Sword

Nargilu-The Orc Sword

The elf prince Herinol confidently drew the beautiful sword as the orc captain approached. Upon seeing the sword the orc laughed.

“I assure you that this magical sword will be your end,” snarled the elf, enraged at the orc’s mocking laughter.

“And Ukna promise you that sword will be your end!” sneered the orc as it drew a wicked looking ax.

Orcs, as a general rule, do not make pretty things. Their artistry is usually wicked looking and brutal, functional, but not beautiful. Then an orc blacksmith had a clever idea and with the help of an evil sorcerer (there never seems to be a shortage of these, does there?) crafted Nargilu, a longsword of beauty with thin, graceful lines. The weapon radiates enchantment and would look good in the hand of any elven or human thief, ranger or fighter.

Benefit: Nargilu is, in fact a magical sword that is +1 to Hit in combat and the weapon deals 1d6+1 points of damage. However, if an orc is on the blade end of the sword in combat the weapon will randomly strike any non-orc within range if any are available, if not, the sword only does 1d3 points of damage to orcs and goblins. In this manner many frustrated orc-slayers have met their demise, striking repeatedly at an orc warrior who shrugs off what should be lethal damage only to overwhelm the hapless, kill them, take the sword and commit more mayhem with it somewhere else.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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