[New Magic Item] Spirit Nails

Spirit Nails

The ghouls crawled spryly after the adventurers, hissing and cackling.

“I have had enough of this,” Valance said.

The priest of the Spider God reached into a pouch at his side and withdrew something into the palm of his hand. Turning towards the undead he opened his hand, revealing a half a dozen nails that glowed with a strange bluish-white hue.

The ghouls gasped, three of them fled on the spot, causing the others to hesitate.

“Do those hurt to hold? Being from the Upper Planes and all,” Chalk asked Valance.

The priest of Spider God smiled slightly.

“Just enough, but I have spiders to ease the pain with their sweet venom,” the cleric replied.

Koram frowned.

“I was hoping to bash some heads in! Sometimes you guys take all the fun away!” the fighter complained.

Rare and very valuable magic items, Spirit Nails are pieces of the Upper Planes concentrated into the form of glowing nails about six inches long. Given to undead hunters and devout priests by emissaries of the Upper Planes, these coveted magic items are a bane to the undead who sometimes retreat at the very sight of such holy things.

Benefit: It takes two combat rounds to successfully use a Spirit Nail to anchor an undead creature to the earth, three if it is solid rock or similar hard substance. A hammer, mallet or even a sword pommel must be used to drive a Spirit Nail into anything harder than dirt. Undead thus tied down cannot move until the nail has been pulled from whatever it is has been driven into, which requires 1d4 turns of concentrated effort to remove per Spirit Nail used. Undead under 4HD will flee at the sight of Spirit Nails on result of 4-6 on a roll of 1d6.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Spirit Nails

  1. trey says:

    Very cool. I could easily see myself using this item.

    • bat says:

      The inspiration was somewhat obscure, something about a vampire being anchored to a particular spot. I think it was a show on H2 in the background.

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