[New Magic Item] Jug of Dooms

Jug of Dooms

Skewered by kobolds!” Koram said in dismay as he looked at the small scrap of paper in his hand.

Valance chuckled then read his.

Stabbed in the gut at a gambling table!” exclaimed the priest of the Spider God. “Maybe I should rethink the game tonight.”

Chalk rolled his eyes and drew a Fate from the jug held by the ancient astrologer.

What does it say?” Koram asked after he saw the serious look on the wizard’s face.

It is impossible, this cannot be right,” Chalk said in disbelief.

The Jug of Dooms never is wrong, but it doesn’t mean that this will be your end, just that this the next thing that could be your demise,” commented the astrologer.

Chalk shook his head and tossed the scrap of paper aside, walking out into the night air.

Valance bent and retrieved the bit of parchment from the floor and read it.

Go, keep an eye on him!” Valance hissed at the fighter.

Why what does it say?” Koram asked.

It says, ‘By your own hand’”, replied the priest of the Spider God.

Jugs of Doom are rare, thought to be distributed by the servants of the gods of Fate and are very rare, usually found in the possession of soothsayers, astrologists, fortunetellers and the like. The mysterious ‘dooms’ within never seem to run out and one can only withdraw one at a time, any subsequent possible fates squirm and wiggle from the drawer’s grasp.

Benefit: By sticking one’s hand within the Jug of Dooms and withdrawing a particular ‘doom’ the person retrieving the doom or fate sees the next most likely way that they may meet their end. This can be an accident, combat, assassination or by some other means. DMs/GMs may use this to foreshadow an attack or other challenge for the players and these dooms may be as vague or explicit as the DM/GM allows.

Usable by: Anyone.

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6 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jug of Dooms

  1. The little bit of narrative at the top really gave me chills. Well done and cool item!

    • bat says:

      Thanks a ton, Micah! Whenever a post gets to a reader it brings me a little smile. Chalk is a tragic sort of figure, I suppose, wizards are often loners.

      • I love the way you handle the introduction of spells and items. Plugging in a bit of story makes it easier to visualize and see how to use it.

        Are these characters from an actual game or purely for the blog?

        I was thinking of doing the occasional spell/monster/magic item post and was considering riffing on your style (with narrative I mean). Would you have a problem with that? I would give credit where credit is due for the idea (link backs to your site etc).

  2. Mr. Blue says:

    Also similar are the Jugs of Doom, mythical weapons that can be wielded best by ex-wives.

  3. bat says:

    Micah: Thanks again! Keep in mind that I just throw these together in about 20 minutes or less each day, they are stream of consciousness posts. These characters I made up, but might resemble characters from games, at least initially. As for riffing off of the format, hey, it isn’t mine: long ago a bunch of us posted spells for the Black Company setting put out by Green Ronin and someone else started the idea and I ran with it and also used the format when a group of gamers made spells and such for the Morrigan Press version of the old Bard Games Atlantean setting, so please, feel free to run with the format! I would really like to see what you come up with!

    The whole idea of the blog is to encourage others to take something and use it in their games in one way or another, I even tweak a spell sometimes into an item, etc.

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