[New Magic Item] Clay Cat of Kortir

Clay Cat of Kortir

Chalk watched in amazement as the clay cat walked slowly but in a determined manner, towards Nudge the gnome while the latter sat lazily eating grapes and staring into the campfire.

I swear, you are the laziest thief I have ever heard of!” exclaimed the wizard.

Nudge chuckled and petted the pottery feline as it approached him, then he slid his hand down its throat and pulled out a handful of coins. The gnome shrugged.

Do you think maybe you could do better next time?” the thief asked the clay cat. The thing just stared blankly.

Maybe you could stop stuffing your face and start creeping up walls to bring in coins,” Chalk suggested.

Nudge laughed.

Everyone knows that gnomes are no good at climbing walls! Silly human!” replied the thief. “Besides, I am worker smarter, not harder!”

Chalk groaned.

A Clay Cat of Kortir is a magic item made by the strange wizards of the land of Kortir, most commonly in the Vale of the Unbridgeable River. These pieces of feline pottery are all roughly the same size, although they may vary widely in shape and the wizard-artisans of Kortir often paint these magic items garishly. While great for a parlor trick or a limited number of adventures in a given area, once the Clay Cat has been revealed as the culprit the thing always leads the way to its owner.

Benefit: A Clay Cat of Kortir “bonds” with its purchaser, who decides which particular command word will activate this magic item. Clay Cats are either ‘gifted’ to others (which, strangely, being given a Clay Cat does not actually give ownership, these magic items must be sold to another) or left in an inconspicuous location. These magic items are usually given simple orders, which are always to retrieve something and store it in their bellies (which are usually about the size of a cantaloupe) and bring these items back to its owner. In this manner liqued and solid items may be stored, but the magic item is not airtight. If a Clay Cat of Kortir is struck for 10 hit points of damage it will shatter. These magic items move slowly, only about 30′ per minute.

Usable by: Anyone, thieves do vie for these whenever one shows itself..

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Clay Cat of Kortir

  1. trey says:

    If a person is given a Clay Cat, can they leave it some place for someone else even if they can’t just give it to someone else? (that is if I’m reading what your saying right)

    • bat says:

      I would say that they could leave it for others, that is the idea. You own it, someone else finds it, then you recall it with something hopefully useful in its belly.

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