[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Warg Lord Claw

Dagger of the Warg Lord Claw

Koram noticed that the gnome thief Nudge was looking a little more sinister than usual.

How did that knife wound from that odd goblin heal?” the fighter asked.

Nudge’s grumble almost sounded like a growl to Koram.

Chalk and Valance entered the cabin on the edge of the Dread Forest, Chalk looked a little worried.

What is it?” the Scholar of Wexos inquired.

We saw a big wolf out there, I mean big,” the wizard replied.

Just then a horrific howl could be hear. Nudge dropped to the ground and crawled around on all fours, yipping.

What is wrong with the gnome?” Valance asked. “I might have a spider that can cure fits..”

I don’t know, but he has been acting weird all day,” smirked Koram as he and the others watched Nudge scurry around like a puppy on the cabin floor. “Maybe when Knat gets here she can turn him into a dog for a while and he can get it out of his system.”

This magic item is a dagger made from the claw of the monstrous warg lord Nraglok upon what was thought of as his defeat at the Battle of the Dread Forest. Yet the next day the vile wolf’s body was nowhere to be seen, leading many to believe that the creature was spirited away by forces unknown (and he was). This enchanted dagger has a filigreed golden hilt with a blade that is an eternally sharp talon from Nraglok.

Benefit: The Dagger of the Warg Lord Claw is a fiendishly sharp and swift weapon, +1 to hit and it does 1d6+1 points of damage. In addition, those struck must make a save versus poison at -2 or fall under the curse of Nraglok; within one week the one with the poison of the warg lord’s claw coursing through their veins will themselves transform into a warg (this affects demi-humans and humanoids in addition to humans), and this process can only be reversed by a Remove Curse, Limited Wish, Wish or Alter Reality spell. Once per month thereafter there is a 5% chance that anyone who is still under the curse of dagger will hear the baleful howling of Nraglok in the distance and will be helpless (chance to resist is 6 on a 1d6) to answer the call.

Usable by: Anyone.

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