[New Spell] Cloud of Hornets

Cloud of Hornets

Bakra-do slid the coins over to the conjurer.

Three days?” the hedge-wizard asked.

The mercenary nodded stoically. As usual.

Very well,” muttered the mage and began an incantation. A strange buzzing sound filled the air as hundreds of large hornets surrounded Bakra-do.

They won’t harm you, but they will distract and sting those that you attack,” the hedge-wizard said.


Cloud of Hornets (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Self or touch

Duration: One day per level of magic-user.

When cast upon oneself or another a cloud of large hornets (50-100) buzz casually around the target of the spell, weaving around the target, but not interfering with his or her actions. When in combat the hornets provide a protective screen in front of the person protected, making them -1 to hit in melee combat. The hornets themselves each have 1hp and can strike for 1hp of damage. The hornets are not organized and no more than 6 may attack one person at a time.

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