[New Magic Item] Arrows of Miss Spelling

Arrows of Miss Spelling

Did you get hit?” Chalk asked Valance after the skirmish with the oddly attired soldiers.

Just a nick from one of their bright green arrows, it is nothing,” the priest of the Spider God replied, revealing a small trickle of blood that ran down an arm. “I have had worse.”

Still, keep an eye on it, there was something strange about how they attacked us,” the wizard said.

As evening drew near bandits struck the camp of the adventurers. Swords and spells flashed in the fading light of the sun. Then Valance conjured a spider, a huge spider, and everything went wrong.

Would you get this thing off of me and onto them!” Koram roared at the cleric.

Valance was confused and tapped at the spider with his weird staff. The spider clacked its fangs at him angrily. The bandits roared with laughter as they began getting the upper hand.

Suddenly the spider’s eyes turned a glowing blue and the thing raced over to attacked the bandit leader like an automaton. Knat the druidess had taken over the spider.

Want to keep your pets in line and not get us all killed?” she growled at Valance.

The priest of the Spider God shrugged and began swinging hist staff at the bandits, fearful of what another spell might do.

Created either by rebel wizards or magi pressed into making such things, Arrows of Miss Spelling are usually brightly colored (as a potential alert, possibly) magical arrows that are intended for use on spellcasters of all types. The worst part is that if the one hit by one of these arrows doesn’t know what has happened he or she may cause even more chaos and damage.

Benefit: These wicked arrows are +1 to strike clerics, illusionists, druids and magic-users (and any other magic using class) but not creatures with natural spell-like abilities. Damage is 1d6+1 and the spellcaster must make a save versus spell-like devices at -2. A failed save means that for the next two days all spells have a 70% chance of going awry in the worst possible way; healing spells cause more damage, magical lightning strikes a random party member rather than an opponent, spells meant to affect monsters instead alert the enemy, etc. After the two days are up the strange effect of these magic items fade away and the spellcaster returns to normal. (But may be a little leery around archers for a while.)

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Arrows of Miss Spelling

  1. eltf177 says:

    Oh, the havoc these things can create…!

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