[New Deity] Tullaz


That gnome looks a little dodgier even than you,” Chalk commented to Nudge.

The gnome thief squinted at the diminutive storyteller that was standing on a stool and holding the crowd’s attention with a frightful story about bugbear marauders in the nearby woods.

Bah! He is no gnome! No self-respecting gnome would be talking to that mangy crowd of peasants!” snorted Nudge.

Not a gnome?” replied the wizard. “Then what is he?”

Thief and wizard both stopped a moment to contemplate the possibilities.

Let’s go!” suggested Chalk. “We can find lodging for the group elsewhere!”

Right behind you,” said the thief. “We need rest time between harrowing adventures, not a long endless string of them!”



Lesser Deity

Tullaz, “Weaver of Fables”
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Storytelling, Legends, History
Symbol: Stylized spider weaving an intricate web
Typical Worshipers: Bards, Minstrels, Adventurers.

Hit points (if you need them): 175

Tullaz is a very mysterious figure, appearing in quite a few tales and legends himself in a variety of forms. It is said that this deity lives on stories and tales the way other gods and goddesses thrive on the prayers of their worshipers and that if people ever stop telling stories about olden times and ferocious monsters this old deity will fade away.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what Tullaz looks like because he takes so many shapes, but a clever thief and a wise sorcerer once caught a glimpse of the deity as a six armed hunched figure that was surrounded by ancient books and scrolls and scraps of history and legend. Many seek this deity and endure long hours of storytelling just to hear a snippet of a legend that might help them in a particular quest.


Abilities: Can use any eight Cleric or Magic-User Spell up to three times per day as a 12th level priest or wizard respectively. Tullaz can also alter his own shape at will an unlimited number of times per day and always adopting a human-like shape or sometimes a nearly human shape (i.e. centaur for example). Tullaz fights as a 9th level Fighter and prefers to use magic over combat. Tullaz bears a staff that deals 1d10+2 points of damage and can cast any Illusionist spell, up to the 4th level, up to five times per day.


Awe: Tullaz tries not to look remarkable on purpose, fitting into basically any society that has a language and spinning tales to amaze and amuse those around him. When telling a tale Tullaz can enthrall a crowd, distracting them as they yearn to hear his story. Tales that inspire instill a +1 to strike in all listeners as well as an immunity to any type of fear for two days whereas frightening stories cause those listening to be -1 to hit and this second group will break and run from combat on a roll of 3-6 on a 1d6, this effect also lasts for two days.


Honor Guard: The Weaver of Fables travels alone most of the time, but may accompany a group of adventurers or demi-humans (usually 1-4th level) on a whim.

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