[New Magic Item] Respell Parchment

Respell Parchment

Stork slipped quietly into the Inn of the Laughing Manticore and took a seat in a dark corner, surveying the crowd. His gaze focused upon a particularly loud and drunken illusionist. As more and more people began to ignore the spellcaster Stork got up from his table and eased up beside the illusionist.

How many spells are on your Respell Parchment?” Stork asked, punctuating his question with the tip of a dagger grazing the other spellcaster’s ribs.

The illusionist suddenly seemed to sober up.

You can’t! It is my only treasure of note!” he whined.

Stork pressed the dagger until he drew blood and a squeal of pain from the spellcaster. The illusionist untied a scrollcase from his belt and handed it over to Stork.

Excellent!” hissed Stork.

As the sorcerer turned he heard the illusionist beginning to chant a spell.

That was a bad move,” snarled the wizard.

Stork spun on his heel and threw his dagger just as Vistis the Blue Mage’s spell exploded before the other illusionist’s face.

Vistis and Stork made a run for it before the town guard could be called, disappearing in a shadowy cloud.

Did that fool really think that you would operate alone and then turn your back on him?” Vistis asked.

Apparently,” Stork replied, smiling with his shark-like teeth.

One of the greatest creations of the Alchemists of Zaarak are the Respell Parchments. These alchemically treated pieces of either parchment or paper are said to be able to recall the spell that was first inscribed on them. Very few wizards can hold onto more than one or two of these as most any spellcaster that learns of one in the vicinity will do whatever they can to acquire one of these highly sought after magic items.

Benefit: When a spell is cast from this very rare parchment the spell will renew itself within one week’s time if a magic-using class casts a spell at the scroll that wouldn’t normally affect it (Fireball would be a bad idea, for example) or a non-spellcasting class pricks their finger and imbues the parchment with 1d4 hit points of their own blood. In this way a scroll can have some spells on it at all times while other spells are regenerating. A spell cast upon a Respell Parchment will only supersede the original spell 10% of the time, otherwise the original spell, regardless of the level of the spell cast upon it, will return as it was before.

Usable by: Anyone that can use a scroll.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Respell Parchment

  1. eltf177 says:

    I can see letting PC’s getting hold of one of these making for quite the adventure!

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