[New Magic Item] Elven Robe

Elven Robe

Amazing robe!” Koram exclaimed as Knat appeared in the clearing.

Those brownies were repaying me by giving me this elven robe, it is fairly stylish,” the druidess replied.

Brownies were holding onto that?” Chalk asked, a little jealousy in his voice.

Yes, they had quite a hoard hidden in the dell,” Knat answered.

Chalk looked over at Valance.

Feel like being heroic?” the wizard asked the priest of the Spider God.

Not really,” Valance said. “But I might be interested in hunting brownies.”

Very rare, elven robes were first created centuries ago to protect elf wizards during the first wars against evil. Even those who do not cast spells can benefit from this magical robe. Usually only granted to elves of noteworthy deeds, every so often a human wizard can be seen wearing this noble robe.

Benefit: The wearer of an Elven Robe, if not a magic-user, may cast Purify Water, Faerie Fire and Imitate Animal (q.v.) once per day as a 3rd level Druid. Lawful spellcasting characters gain access to one additional spell from the highest level that they can cast in addition to the powers above. In addition, this magical garment adds +2/-2 (depending on ascending or descending AC used) and all stains and soil fade in one day. Neutral characters only one extra spell from below their highest level, once per day, and Chaotic characters lose all spellcasting abilities, lose 1d4 hit and are -2 to strike while wearing this robe.

Usable by: Any Lawful of Medium size.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Elven Robe

  1. trey says:

    I think it would be amusing if all elven robes were on the sheer side.

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