[New Spell] Conjuring of Imps

Conjuring of Imps

Nudge was scrounging around the lower parts of the town of Grickle when he spied a strange creature, even smaller than himself poking around. It looked like a small devil, complete with tiny horns. The gnome thief froze and watched the imp as it grumbled and scoured the ground. A few moments later a raven landed by the imp.

Find the wizard’s amulet yet?” croaked the raven. Then it turned into an imp itself.

Not yet, still looking,” came a squeaky reply.

Nudge suddenly felt at the strange bauble in his vest pocket, it seemed to burn all at once. The two imps looked up at the gnome and hissed. Nudge spun on his heel and ran for it.


Conjuring of Imps (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Immediate area Imps summoned can travel 3 miles per level of caster.

Duration: 48 hours.

When cast the Conjuring of Imps spell calls up 1d4 imps (+1 per level of casting magic-user) from the Infernal Realms. Unlike the Call Familiar spell, these imps are not treated as familiars (i.e. if they die the summoner does not lose hit points, nor does he gain the ability to see through the eyes of these conjured imps), and the summoning wizard is 90% likely to have control over the conjured fiends (roll once per day, on a failed roll the imps will either attack their summoner or return to the lower planes-50% chance of either). The summoned creatures will have maximum hit dice and the same natural abilities of an imp. If the casting magic-user already has a bound imp familiar there will likely be trouble between the familiar and any ‘interlopers’ as the familiar will be jealously afraid of losing the wizard’s soul to these newcomers. Few non-evil magic-users will cast this spell, although some do for the pleasure of commanding an evil creature to do their bidding.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Conjuring of Imps

  1. trey says:

    Cool. Of course, i wonder at the personality foibles of someone who would conjure something evil just for the sake of bossing it around.

    • bat says:

      True, not like I have ever been tempted to do such things, were it possible. However…the inspiration comes from two things, one is under wraps for the moment and another is a player of mine who insisted that he could cast spells in real life and that he had familiars “in suspended animation”. We have parted ways because he was too much for me, but a superb roleplayer nonetheless.

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