[New Magic Item] Fey Bell

Fey Bell

The evil sorcerer Stork held the vile looking glass bell in one hand. With an evil grin he rang the bell. Within moments a quartet of dubious looking figures appeared. Stork looked down at the spriggans.

See that village over there?”

The creatures all nodded.

Tear it up until they reveal the secret of the Dead Wizard’s Tower. I must know it before my rivals.”

With evil snickers and guffaws the little villains ran with abandon towards the sleepy little village.

Very rare magic items, found in out of the way places, Fey Bells range in appearance from rustic copper to delicate glass. Many creatures of Fey themselves resent the existence of these magic items and will do what they can to recapture and destroy them unless in the hands of a person who will work for good. Twisted versions of these magic items, that summon darker and more dangerous fey have been reported.

Benefit:A Fey Bell may be used to summon 1d4 brownies, pixies or sprites once per week. These summoned creatures will obey the one who rang the bell, but will try to twist the intent of the summoner if it goes against what these fey consider to be good and right. These creatures will obey the caller for 1 hour per level of summoner (minimum 1 hour for 0 level personalities), although any or all of the creatures may remain of their own free will.

Option: The Twisted Bell summons 1d4 Unbidden (q.v.). Spriggans or Hauntwood Faeries (q.v.) but in other ways is just like a regular Fey Bell. These summoned Fey are evil and try to cause as much Chaos as possible.

Usable by: Anyone.

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