[New Magic Item] Scoundrel’s Scarf

Scoundrel’s Scarf

“Is Nudge trying to steal that guy’s scarf?” Chalk asked the others as they watched the gnome sneak up on a man that appeared to be sleeping and start to slowly unwrap a dull gray scarf from his neck.

“He started without me? I was going to help him!” Valance said and reached into his sleeves, pulling out a rather gruesome looking spider. He sent the arachnid scuttling over towards the gnome.

Just as the man began to awaken and protest this theft Valance’s spider bit the man’s hand and he drifted off to sleep. Nudge finished his pilfering and returned.


“I owed you one,” replied the priest of the Spider God.

“Is that scarf worth a lot?” inquired Chalk.

“Did you see it start to wriggle as that burglar was waking up? It is a magical scarf, one better suited to gnomes anyway, if you ask me,” answered Nudge as he cast a baleful eye towards the sleeping thief.

Strange magical scarves of unknown origin, but thought to be of gnomish make and design, a Scoundrel’s Scarf is a welcome magic item in any thief’s arsenal. Most of these magic items are made in dull, earthy colors and do not attract attention, until activated.

Benefit: A Scoundrel’s Scarf has many uses, often the long ends are allowed to drape down the front of the wearer for maximum utility. These magic items allow a thief to perform thief skills at one level higher than their current level due to the animation that suddenly happens when a thief tries to perform a feat (even cupping an ear to help a thief listen at doors or acting as extra arms in scaling walls). In addition, a thief is -1 to strike in combat as the ‘arms’ of the scarf whip around like tentacles, doing no damage, but distracting foes. The ‘arms’ of a Scoundrel’s Scarf may also be used to suspend a thief from a structure or other object, allowing free movement of the thief’s arms while committing his or her thiefly duties.

Usable by: Anyone, but thieves benefit the most.

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