[New Spell] Expedited Notation

Expedited Notation

Koram laughed as the wizard Chalk hastily tried to put out the sparks that were trying to engulf the envelope that suddenly appeared from nowhere, dropping into his hands.

That is a strange way to learn magic,” the fighter commented.

The wizard opened the envelope and removed the scribbled notes inside.

Maybe so, but this spell may come in handy someday,” Chalk replied.

If that is a spell, what are those other notes?” Valance asked.

The bill,” grumbled Chalk.


Expedited Notation (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: World/Plane

Duration: Instantaneous.

This simple spell allows a mage to send an envelope/note/letter to a particular recipient anywhere on the world or plane that is not somehow blocked from accessing the target. Only up to three pages maximum are allowed by the magic of this spell at 1st level. Every other level after the first (3,5,7,9, etc) the caster may send a message to another recipient or may add up to three pages to one message. This magic only delivers the letters or notes and does not protect them from any damage that they may incur along the way. The sender must know the name of the recipient in order to send off a message.

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