[New Deity] Okinok


Valance watched the small horde of beetles approach. The fist sized insects marched up to within a few feet of the priest of the Spider God and stopped. Valance raised a foot to do some stomping and suddenly froze in place. The beetles were using their bodies to spell out a word.

Valance gasped.

Why the nerve!”

Anything wrong?” Chalk asked.

Valance suddenly pulled the collars of his robe a little tighter around his neck and looked around.

Maybe we should try to move a little further along and camp out just in that treeline yonder.”

The priest of the Spider God flinched as he thought he heard tittering among the beetles below.



Lesser Deity

Okinok, “The King of Vermin”
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Slimes (Jellies, etc), rats and other vermin
Symbol: Several glowing red rat’s eyes on a dark field
Typical Worshipers: Intelligent vermin, wererats, vermin cultists

Hit points (if you need them): 170

Okinok is a mysterious deity, often appearing as a morose human in pale earth toned garments, the Vermin King tries to blend in with the crowd and often seems preoccupied with his surroundings (he is often looking for bugs, mice or other spies of his) and oblivious to other people. Okinok is often in conflict with other deities, usually the insect-god Locustus or the Spider God and often keeps an eye out for minions and followers of these deities as the Vermin King’s spheres of influence often overlap in one area or another with these deities more than others. This does nothing to stop Okinok from practicing his sense of humor and teasing the followers of his rivals.


Never alone, Okinok usually has a handful of intelligent rats or mice on hand and it is not unknown for a wererat to be skulking in the shadows. Rumors tell of strange parties held in forgotten ruins in which the Vermin King holds court over an amazing array of strange creatures.


Abilities: Can use any six Cleric or Illusionist spells up to three times per day as an 11th level cleric or illusionist. Okinok often uses magic that conceals or allows him to blend in better, in addition, the Vermin King can summon any vermin in the area (which will follow his lead unless controlled by another deity) and the Vermin King can grant intelligence of up to 12 and the ability to communicate to any vermin type of creature (rats, slimes and jellies, etc, insects and the like), this alteration of intelligence is permanent unless the deity deems otherwise. Okinok fights as an 11th level Fighter, with a pair of poisoned short swords, each deals 1d12+2 points of damage (no off-hand penalty) and both have a poison with paralyzing effects similar to a ghoul’s touch (creatures immune to a ghoul’s touch are not immune to these blades).


Awe: Okinok tries his best to blend in and not stand out, so he does not generate any Awe unless he is attacking with a number of vermin and then the Vermin King is -2 to strike in combat due to the unnerving company he sometimes keeps.


Honor Guard: The Vermin King often has 1d10 intelligent vermin with him/on his person and it is not unknown for 1d8 wererats with 5HD, bearing +2 short swords.

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