[New Magic Item] Verminstaff





Stork lunged at the druid with one of his magical daggers and missed. With a snarl the sorcerer began a spell.

Bats, one hundred,” murmured the druid as he tapped an oak staff on the ground.

Momentarily the sorcerer shrank back, his spell interrupted. He began another.

The sound of flitting and chittering could be heard as a swarm of bats appeared, swirling and flapping through the chill night air.


Stork slashed wildly at the small creatures as they flapped towards him, baring sharp teeth and claws.





An intricately carved staff of oak that, upon closer inspection, is covered in images of various types of vermin; rats, bats, mice, worms and bugs crawl in wooden form along the length of the staff. Sometimes considered a second rate magic item the Verminstaff is overlooked while those that understand its power will gladly get their hands on this staff.


Benefit: Three times per day this staff may be struck upon the ground as the wielder names a particular type and number of, vermin, for example, “Mouse, one.” Within 1d4 minutes the called upon creature will appear if any are in the area and obey the one who called it for one hour per level of magic-user, druid or illusionist. Up to 100 of the same type of creatures may be called and these vermin may be used to attack, distract, spy, convey messages or perform other simple tasks.


Usable by: Magic-users, druids and illusionists.




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