[New Spell] Gargantuanize


The ghastly carnivorous plant creature lashed its tendrils about, destroying the tiny huts of the villagers as the druid and the wizard looked on from a safe distance.

How fast does that thing move?” the archmage asked.

Not any faster than I can fly us out of here when the time comes,” replied the druid. “It is amazing how tiny those orc and ogre huts look from here compared to that plant.”

The mage shivered a bit as he saw the monster plant, now become a force of nature, tearing through the encampment of the monstrous creatures as if the buildings were made of paper. Dozens of ropy tendrils stretched to capture victims and drag them into its dreadful maw.


Gargantuanize (Druid)

Level 6

Range: 60 feet + 5′ per level of druid.

Duration: Twenty minutes per level of caster.

When cast upon any non-humanoid (in this case humanoid stands for any creature of human like appearance-bipedal with two arms and legs and a noticeable head) creature (plant or animal) of Low intelligence or lower the casting druid triples the HD and size of the creature. This new found size tends to cause the target of the spell to go berserk and run amok. A Charm Animal spell can be used to control the creature, otherwise it rampantly destroys everything around it. This spell is often used either as a last resort in a pinch or as a ‘revenge of Nature’ spell. A wizard casting the 8th level spell Permanency can make this creature remain of titanic proportions for its natural life.

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