[New Magic Item] Crown of Eyes

Crown of Eyes


Welcome to our abode,” hissed a voice as cold as a thousand deep graves.

One of the elves shuddered.

Where are you?”

We are everywhere!” came a cackling reply.

Actually, they are straight ahead of us, three wights,” said the gnome illusionist as he adjusted a strange silver crown. “Too far ahead for your night sight to see.”

One of the undead snarled in anger.

Attack the living!”


A simple silver circlet with four gemstones set in it, the Crown of Eyes is not a flashy magic item, looking like something worn by a petty noble at best. The wise covet such an item for its properties have kept many an adventurer alive when out in lawless lands.

Benefit: This magic item grants the wearer awareness of those around them, so that the wearer cannot be surprised, in addition, each gem grants the wearer to see in the Ethereal and Astral Planes, as well as in total darkness (nightvision/darkvision) and the Invisible. All of these are in a 50 foot radius of the wearer. Tricky foes are wise to use magic or ranged weapons from outside of this area. Creatures that already can see in any of these ways have the distance doubled while wearing the Crown of Eyes.

Option: To keep this from being too powerful it is advised to limit this magic item’s power to only be used twice per day for ten minutes (one turn) each time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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