[New Spell] Extra Limbs

Extra Limbs

As Chalk began a spell he saw one of the elf bounty hunters draw a bow and then suddenly the elf drew a crossbow as well. The wizard blinked in disbelief and almost lost his spell.

How does this always happen to us?” he asked no one in particular.

Just lucky I suppose,” growled Koram as he drew his Crystal Sword.

The Scholar of Wexos groaned as an arrow caught him in the shoulder while Knat the druidess knocked a crossbow bolt aside with her staff. The other elf bounty hunter hurled a spear at Koram who was wounded in the leg.

That looks handy though,” quipped Nudge the gnome thief to Chalk. “I wish you had that spell.”

Extra Limbs (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: Ten minutes/level.

By touching a subject (if not applying this spell upon one’s self) and casting the spell the magic-user causes the target to gain an extra set of limbs (arms, legs, wings, fins, etc). In the case of means of locomotion the target may double movement speed for the duration of the spell and, in the case of legs, make a kick attack for 1d6+2 points of damage. If arms are the added appendages then the subject may make an extra attack or hold a target and attack or suspend themselves from something and still attack as normal or carry a two handed weapon and a large shield in addition to climbing surfaces at the normal pace of walking and with 75% success. These added limbs are unnerving to many, however, and for the duration of the spell the target has -2 Charisma.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Extra Limbs

  1. trey says:

    Heh. This reminds me of the issue of Spider-Man where Peter Parker tries to “cure” his spider-powers and causes himself to grow another set of arms. Good stuff.

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