[New Monster] Bulandu


Koram drew his Crystal Sword and faced the strange creature with a head that looked like an experiment gone awry that included a goat and a spider.

Then another of the hideous things appeared, and a third. Then Koram disappeared.

“Damn!” snarled Chalk as he drew his dagger. “Where did he go?”

A half a dozen huge spiders crawled over the walls of the ruins and attacked the weird humanoids.

“Not sure, but those spiders will hold them at bay for a while,” answered Valance.

Suddenly the priest of the Spider God also disappeared, and the huge spiders ran amok.

Chalk and Knat began casting protective spells.


No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d10)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 3+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 or by weapon

Save: F4

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XIX

X.P.: 125

Bulandu are rather eerie creatures: tall, thin, hairless humanoids with dark reddish-brown skin, oversized eyes that resemble those of a goat or squid and an almost spider-like mouth. These monstrous humanoids show very little emotion and rarely speak, which unnerves everyone in a 30′ radius (-1 on all rolls whenever in this zone). Conversely, this ability gives the bulandu a confidence that that grants them a +1 to all combat rolls versus melee opponents. For every three bulandu encountered that are within 10′ of each other these creatures may attempt to teleport one person (either one of these creatures or someone else) within sight as a Teleport Without Error spell twice per day. The bulandu may not teleport a person into a solid object or any immediate harm (such as a fire), but they may send an opponent into a crowd of enemies for the person teleported to figure out what to do.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Bulandu

  1. eltf177 says:

    Nasty buggers. Does the “not teleport into danger” include things like teleporting into a body of water (obviously lava is not allowed)?

    • bat says:

      Yes! I had a player like this in V:tM ages ago. No physical danger means just that, although you might need to fast talk out of a potential skirmish.

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