[New Spell] Disclosure of Wealth

Disclosure of Wealth

They have a spell that does that?” laughed the fighter Koram. “I pity the wizard that casts such magic on our sorry lot!”

Disclosure of Wealth (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 30 feet per level of caster.

Duration: Immediate. Reverse has a duration of one hour.

Disclosure of Wealth is a rather sneaky spell that informs the casting mage about the relative wealth of a particular subject. This sum includes all holdings and properties not on the target of the spell at the time. This spell may be reversed for a variety of purposes, masking the true net worth of an individual as well. A particularly handy spell for a court wizard or a thief’s companion to have handy.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Disclosure of Wealth

  1. eltf177 says:

    Something every gambler needs to be able to cast, as well as the local tax collecter!

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