[New Deity] Veareth Harig

Veareth Harig

Another evening at the Inn of the Befuddled Bugbear. Winter was lingering and dark and the fire was burning low; prowling winter wolves and goblin marauders had made foraging for firewood a daunting task. A few adventurers sat among the townsfolk, swapping tall tales that did nothing to lighten the mood.

The door opened, but the usual hazy late afternoon gloom did not try sneaking into the inn’s common room. A small group entered the room, appearing road weary. The innkeeper did a quick headcount to try figuring if he had accommodations.

This place looks a little….under the weather,” commented the apparent leader of the group. She sounded female under her thick hooded cloak. A hand shot up and she snapped her fingers. The lights suddenly became brighter. One of her entourage began playing a beat on a drum. The hooded figure drew her hood back, revealing a slender elf maiden.

Let’s see if we can lighten the mood in here, shall we?” she asked with a smile.

Veareth Harig

Lesser Deity

Veareth Harig , “The Wild Dancer”
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Dancers, musicians, those feeling down
Symbol: A smiling female elf face
Typical Worshipers: Entertainers, revelers, the depressed

Hit points (if you need them): 175

Sometimes surfacing in unexpected places, Veareth Harig is a deity that often gets a crowd up and moving and encourages them, giving them hope, while to her foes she seems like a nightmare incarnate via her devastating use of druid and illusionist spells. No morose setting is safe from the Wild Dancer who lifts the spirits of the crowd and creates spontaneous revelry that lasts way into the night.

Veareth Harig most often appears as a slender young elf maiden, most often in a hooded cloak, which is thrown back when the party begins, revealing a lithe dancer and enchanting singer.

Abilities: Veareth can use any five Druid or Illusionist spells up to three times per day as an 13th level druid or illusionist. Veareth often uses illusionist magic to manipulate the emotions of those around her, usually causing revelry to break out, distracting onlookers from anything that was originally happening. Veareth Harig fights as an 10th level Fighter, with a pair of enchanted daggers that deal 1d6+4 points of damage and deliver any 1st or 2nd level illusionist spell (technically giving the Wild Dancer seven spells).

Awe: Veareth Harig is very charismatic and those wishing to enter combat with her are -3 to strike in combat.

Honor Guard: The Wild Dancer often travels with a mixed group of 1d12 human and elf druids or fighters of 3rd to 5th level.

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