[New Magic Item] Robe of the Exalted Enchanter

Robe of the Exalted Enchanter

Koram’s shoulder’s slumped, his Crystal Sword’s tip resting in the grass. The fighter’s shield held loosely as he looked ahead and saw the three wizards or sorcerers advancing. Why had he agreed to scout ahead alone? With a sigh he steeled himself and strode forward, shield and sword gripped tightly.

One by one each of the hooded figures stopped and regarded the fighter. Then one by one they dissolved into a purplish smoke until only one remained.

“You do not fight on behalf of the great Necromancer of Grizzak-ka, do you? You do not look like one of his ruffians or spies,” the heavily hooded and robed figure asked sheepishly.

“No, I don’t. I am part of a band of adventurers wandering through this land,” Koram replied.

The hood was thrown back, revealing a comely human female.

“Then take me away! I can cast magic for you and your companions!” she said imploringly.

Koram, used to making bad choices from time to time, threw caution to the wind.

“Certainly! Let’s return to our camp and get you some food and ale!”

A highly coveted magical robe, the Robe of the Exalted Enchanter is one of the most frequently stolen pieces of magical attire, so useful do illusionists and wizards find it. Many poisoners and assassins have received sizable rewards for delivering this magic item to a rising spellcaster.

Benefit: Fundamentally this magical robe functions as if the caster had a Mirror Image spell available three times per day. The Robe of the Exalted Enchanter will create 1d4+1 images of the wearer of this hooded robe which are either exact duplicated of the caster or may have one aspect changed (hood thrown back, bearing a staff, bearing a dagger, etc). Duplicates remain for four turns instead of six and must take at least one point of damage to be affected, at which time they disappear. The spellcaster wearing this robe may cast spells of up to 3rd level (some concentration is required to maintain the images) and these spells may appear to come from any of the images.

Usable by: Illusionists and Magic-Users.

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