[New Spell] Godprint


Valance drained his mug of ale and slammed the tankard on the counter of the tavern.


The priest of Law clenched his fists angrily.

Enough, foul cleric of the loathsome Spider God,” he snarled.

Valance smiled grimly and touched a nearby beam with an open palm. A sickly green symbol of a stylized spider appeared on the beam, glowing faintly.

Let’s see what you got!”

Spiders began scuttling into the room, big ones, more than what should be normal.


Godprint (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One hour per level of cleric.

A priest or cleric may use this spell to create a magical symbol of his or her deity that will stick to a surface and glow faintly. For the duration of the spell an aspect of the deity’s sphere of influence becomes active in a 30′ radius, affecting the area. For example, a symbol of a death god may give undead creatures +1 to hit or damage or opponents are -1 in combat with the undead in this area. This spell stacks to a modifier of no more than + or – 4. Contradicting symbols in an overlapping area defer to the first symbol placed, which trumps subsequent opposing symbols. At the end of the spell the affected area reverts to normal.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Godprint

  1. Nick Trandahl says:

    Very cool. Do you mind if I use this for my AD&D 2nd Edition campaign?

    • bat says:

      Hey, Nick, of course, I just throw these out there for anyone to use. Some people use these things for Pathfinder, even, go for it.

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