[New Magic Item] Tendril Pipe

Tendril Pipe

Nudge the gnome thief quietly pocketed the cache of small gems that he found hidden in the larder of the strange halfling adventurer. As the small robber began to climb a barrel and escape through a window he heard a striking sound and saw a small flash out of the corner of one eye. Suddenly something grasped an ankle right before he could get away. The gnome felt himself being dragged towards the center of the room.

‘Going somewhere, thief?’ a low voice asked.

Nudge turned to see a halfling smoking a pipe, a pipe that had smoky tentacles writhing from it.

Curious artifacts from a previous age, tendril pipes are magical smoking pipes that have gotten more than one mischievous gnome or halfling into trouble. Some say that disputes and quarrels have been settled by using these magic items.

Benefit: When the pipe tobacco is lit a Tendril Pipe exudes thin, ropy tendrils of smoke that the smoker can use for a variety of purposes. The 1d4+2 tendrils can be used for picking pockets (45% chance or 20% added to a thief’s skill), to climb up walls and other surfaces (85% chance) or to be used in combat, each tendril dealing 1d3 points of damage or these can be used to grapple, with a 65% chance to pin a target and hold the subject for up to two rounds. These tendrils can also be used to trip an opponent (60% chance) or grab an ankle or arm and draw a subject near (55% chance). Each tendril has a ‘life’ of ten minutes (1 turn) before dissipating unless it takes 4 points of damage, which will also destroy a tendril.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Tendril Pipe

  1. jameseck says:

    Ooh! This will be a good one to adapt to my homebrew grapple rules. The tendrils last for one minute after being lit, right?

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