[New Magic Item] Parchment of Partners

Parchment of Partnership

Valance strolled back to camp with a quiet young fighter in tow.

‘Who is this?’ Chalk asked quizzically.

The priest of the Spider God looked over at the fighter and nodded.

‘Lanrik, sir,’ came the answer.

Valance had that look on his face, the look of a scam that went right.

‘Won a scroll and read it off, and Lanrik appeared,’ he is loyal and seems to appreciate spiders.

Chalk looked dubious at this. Something would somehow go wrong.

Also known as the Page of Heroes, a Parchment of Partnership is a scroll that anyone of a certain stage in life can utilize to call forth an assistant that will help them and remain loyal to that person for life. Very valuable, many duels, jousts or other battles are waged over these magic items.

Benefit: When read by someone of 4th level or higher a Parchment of Partnership this magical scroll summons an NPC of a class chosen by the player of the 1st level of ability. This NPC is fiercely loyal to the PC and will follow orders without question, being of the same alignment/outlook. This NPC gains experience at half the rate of normal characters (rounded down).

Usable by: Anyone level 4+.

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