[New Magic Item] Elemental Turtle of travel

Elemental Turtle of Travel

‘Shankles, the Master Thief!’ cried the captain of the guard.

A horn sounded, a commotion of men could be heard running about, the thief was chased into a high tower of the castle where he barricaded himself inside a room.

‘Break the door down, men!’ the captain shouted.

As the door finally splintered and gave way to the efforts of the guardsmen the captain stared, mouth agape, as the wily thief saluted him with one hand and carried a bag of pillaged coins and gems in the other. With a wink the burglar leaped out the window as crossbow bolts flew in his direction. The captain of the guard rushed to the window to see Shankles speeding off on a flying turtle of some kind.

A gift from elemental deities to a young princeling centuries ago that was chasing the kidnappers of his beloved through a variety of planes, the bizarre magic item is the perfect conveyance for those traveling ‘out there’.

Benefit: Appearing as a large sea turtle that can easily sit five Medium sized passengers (or four passengers and a bit of loot), the Elemental Turtle of Travel is a wondrous magic item that can be ordered to float above land, dive deep into the sea, stay steady in the roughest of winds or become a fiery creature to resist anyone trying to board the thing. One person must control this magical elemental steed, although all riding the thing are resistant to the effects of whatever elemental form is chosen and it will remain solid even if made of air, smoke or shadow to those that the ‘pilot’ deems to be passengers. Such protection is not given to non-passengers, who suffer 1d6 points of flame or similar damage per round without sufficient resistance and 5d6 points of crushing damage if the Elemental Turtle of Travel drops on them. Typically this magical conveyance will travel 8-10 feet above a surface, although it can fly as high as 200′ in the air when commanded to, landing at the command of its ‘pilot’. Such a magic item is never for sale and is usually stolen from time to time when it is not loaned out for difficult missions.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Elemental Turtle of travel

  1. trey says:

    Now that’s traveling in style!

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