[New Monster] Enchained


Grosti the dwarf yelled at the human fighter, Josk.

‘No! Not that tunnel!’

Too late, the strange skeletal creatures, all tied together with thick chains, ambled behind the fighter down the dead end. Before Grosti could run towards the melee he heard the screams of Josk and a morbid silence, then the dragging of chains. Eyes glowed eerily from the dark.

Grosti turned and ran for his life. He could have sworn that there were only five creatures chained together, yet six shambled out.


No. Enc.: 1d4 (with each group consisting of 1d4+4 individuals)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 1 HD per creature, maximum 8

Attacks: 4

Damage: 1d4 (claw or bite)

Save: F3

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: VII

X.P.: 175

The Enchained are undead that appear as groups of humanoids tied together by heavy lengths of chain, which slows their normal movement down considerably. Each group consists of 4-8 individuals linked together. Their appearance is always withered and skeletal while some may have bat-like visages, others may appear more skull-like, simian and their limbs are often wrapped in writhing shadow-stuff.

While not particularly fast or bright, anyone caught in a dead end by the creatures has a fight on their hands. Anyone slain by the Enchained has a 55% chance of rising up and joining these strange unliving creatures.

Option: The chains that bind these undead may be burning hot, freezing cold or electrified, adding 1d3 to any damage in close combat with these creatures.

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6 Responses to [New Monster] Enchained

  1. I’d probably use 1d4 for the extra damage and 50% to join the chain for familiarity and ease of use but otherwise as always, top notch.

  2. wilmanric says:

    Nicely done! Glad you’re back!

  3. How about 1HD per skeleton capped at 8 or so? That way, the monster get’s bigger and nastier if it kills a pc… like a hydra inverse.

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