[New Spell] Stonebite


Koram rushed at the frantic goblin shaman. A rock suddenly leaped at the fighter and grabbed his hand, weighing his arm down considerably. It felt like wet clay. A band of gibbering goblins came running from the shadows.

‘Oh, no! Chalk!’

‘Coming!’ replied the sorcerer as he rounded the corner. ‘Goblins?’

‘My arm! My hand is in a rock!’

Without asking further questions the wizard cast a spell that temporarily blinded the goblins. Nudge the gnome appeared, dagger in hand and sinister look on his face. Koram sat and pouted as he watched the one-sided battle. A few minutes later the rock spit the fighter’s hand out and became a simple rock again.


Stonebite (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10′ per level

Duration: One turn per stone or until dispelled.

An odd spell, popular in some places among humanoid shamans and druids, Stonebite allows a druid to control up to 25lbs of loose stones per level of experience. These stones don’t do any damage, but open up, in a clam-like manner, ‘leap’ (if necessary) and clamp down on an intended target. The stones may grab any limb or appendage that is reasonable for the size of the rock. This has the affect of throwing the target off balance, adding to the carried weight of the subject and can even blind/deafen the victim if the stones clamp onto the head (there is usually enough room to all air to flow and the subject to breathe normally).

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Stonebite

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  2. eltf177 says:

    Quite interesting. Still, if one has a rock clamped around one’s head I think a panic check is in order.

  3. bat says:

    I think that is a great idea! I would freak out if a rock leaped at my head and dragged me to the ground.

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