[New Spell] Night of Creeping Coins

Night of Creeping Coins

Valance rummaged through a pouch in his robes and immediately furrowed his eyebrows.

‘I’m missing some coins!’

Chalk started rummaging through his money pouch.

‘As am I!’

Koram burst into the little clearing.

‘Missing coins here!’

They all turned to the gnome thief.

‘Hey! I am missing coins too!’

The priest of the Spider God lunged at the gnome and checked his pockets.

‘Nah, he’s pretty dry too!’

The gnome grumbled indignantly.

‘Check his boots!’ Chalk suggested.

Just then an alarm bell rang in the nearby town and a great commotion could be heard.

‘Okay, maybe just let the gnome go and let’s get out of here before we get blamed for whatever happened, as usual!’

Night of Creeping Coins (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 75′ radius per level

Duration: Permanent.

Also known as ‘Wizard’s Tithe’, this spell can be lucrative in the right places and very deadly to the caster and any companions. When cast this spell ‘tithes’ coins to come to the spellcaster who invoked this spell. Roughly 5% of ALL available coins in this area grow tiny metallic legs and mindlessly make their way to the sorcerer. This 5% means that some will take a bigger hit than others as many coins are buried or locked up in chests and vaults. The caster and all within a radius of 20′ are immune to this spell. There is a 10% chance that a random guard will see these coins making a beeline for the casting wizard and raise the alarm or try to fill their pockets.

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One Response to [New Spell] Night of Creeping Coins

  1. eltf177 says:

    I would be temped to increase the % of coins as the Wizard’s level grows, maybe up to 35% (a real hit).

    If I understand correctly this % is against each person holding coins and against each treasure trove or stockpile (such as in a store). Troves usually will remain untouched as the coins are solidly locked away and cannot leave, coins in a store may or may not be able to leave. OTOH coins on one’s person are quite likely to be affected as a pocket or pouch won’t hold them back.

    I like this, and can see a noble or ruler using this to increase revenue from time to time. Also, if this can be cast on someone else the results can be quite harmful if they get caught and lucretive if they don’t!

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