[New Magic Spell] Shards of the Seasons

Shards of the Seasons


The young druid knelt before the kindling and straw, trying to shield the small pile from the wind and rain so he could start a fire. Whispering a spell his hands were suddenly warm and dry and he had the fire crackling in minutes.

‘Not bad, eh?’ he asked the others with a smile.

‘You started a fire, great!,’ replied one of his companions, ‘ Now tell us where we can find those outlaws, Chalk, Koram and Valance and we will be singing your virtues!’

Nudge the gnome thief grumbled in the underbrush next to Chalk.

‘Why don’t I ever get any billing?’


Shards of the Seasons (Druidic)

Level 1

Range: Self (1’x1’x1′ area)

Duration: Instantaneous, resulting effects last depending on conditions.

This spell causes a spinning shard of extra-planar material to materialize before the caster. The druid must determine which element of a particular season is being called forth. This element is usually the opposite of the surrounding conditions, such as a shard of ice or a blisteringly warm shard that reflects the heat of high summer, the fresh air of Spring or a watery bit of Autumn. The purpose of this spell is to allow the caster to, for example, conjure a bit of summer heat to dry a small area, 1’x1’x1′, to create a fire or an area of wintery cold to preserve food, make ice, etc. The effects of the spell last as long as the druid can maintain conditions for the task being done.


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