[New Spell] Wellkept


‘It’s gone, that’s for sure!’ exclaimed the princeling. ‘Where will we find my dagger! My father will be enraged!’

Valance closed his eyes for a moment then looked at Nudge. The priest of the Spider God scowled at the gnome thief.

Once the princeling had left the roof Nudge looked at Valance.

‘How did you know I had it, other than my being a thief?’

‘I do cast spells other than spider conjuring spells. Now we need to plant that dagger on someone and let them get caught, after we warn the princeling, of course, then get a reward!

Nudge smiled and ominously eyed an arrogant looking elf across the room.

Valance smiled and nodded approvingly.

Wellkept (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of cleric.

When cast upon any small object it allows the caster to know the item is safebecause if it is stolen the caster will be alerted and will know the general direction that the object is in and be able to follow it. The item need not belong to the caster, either, it may be cast upon an item that someone fears will be stolen soon for whatever reason to keep an additional ‘guard’ on the subject possession.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Wellkept

  1. killervp says:

    My priest will love this one!

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