[New Spell] Descented



Valance staggered into the squalid room that the adventurers were hiding in, blood running down his leg.

‘I got it!’ the priest of the Spider God exclaimed.

‘What, rabies?’ Chalk asked.

The cleric scowled at the sorcerer and sat gingerly upon a rickety chair.

‘No, the Wooden Skull of Dathros! However there were complications, namely guard dogs.’

‘You realize that the spell the druid cast only masked your scent?’

‘I am now!’ Valance answered as he winced in pain.

Nudge the gnome thief couldn’t help getting a prod in himself.

‘Too bad you aren’t the sort of priest with healing spells.’

Valance grinned in reply, the type of sinister grin that kept nudge from sleeping for two nights for fear of being bitten by one of the cleric’s more notorious spiders.


Descented (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One hour per level of caster

A simple yet effective spell if used wisely: Descented removes all scent from the caster or one touched by the cast for one hour per level of druid. All attempts to track a character affected by this spell automatically fail until the spell wears off and the trail can be picked up again. Just remember, this spell only takes away scent, it doesn’t keep those affected from being heard or seen.


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