[New Magic Item] Three Jugs of Ankalar

Three Jugs of Ankalar

Chalk stared in amazement as the three large jugs before him began to rattle, Koram drew his broadsword, anticipating danger, Valance cast a wary eye while Nudge drew two daggers and slipped off into the shadows.

Slowly three human looking skulls rose up from the jugs, each set upon the skeleton of a giant snake.

‘Questionssss?’ the skull in the middle asked.

‘Are there four of us living in this room?’ Chalk asked.

The skull on the left replied: ‘No!’

The skull on the right said: ‘Maybe!’

The middle skull answered: ‘Yes and you have two more questions!’

‘Well that was worth it,’ Valance said. ‘At least we know which tells the truth. I hope.’

These large three magical jugs always appear together and are totally non-combative, trying to lead others astray or help them, seems to be totally at the whim of these strange entities, reputed to be ancient wizards cursed for eternity to answer three questions for those that encounter them each time.

Benefit: A classic quandary when encountering multiple answering entities or objects, which is lying? In this case one will always lie, one will be unsure and the other will tell the truth, but will the players know which is which? Will they play the same roles each time they are encountered?

Usable by: Anyone.

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