[New Spell] Alter Surroundings

Alter Surroundings


Valance smirked. He could not seem to keep a campfire going.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Chalk.

‘Water keeps seeping up from the ground wherever I start a fire, we will freeze at this pace!’

Chalk scanned the surrounding trees, something was afoot.

‘Knat!’ he called out. ‘Knock it off! We are getting cold here!’

A giggling could be heard not far off in the pines.


Alter Surroundings (Druid)

Level 6

Range: 100′ radius per level of caster.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This powerful druid spell allows the casting druid to change their surroundings from the current state to one desired. For example, a temperate forested area can be turned into a bog or wet marshland or a sandy desert can be turned into an appealing oasis. While only temporary, this spell can be used to slow pursuers or to give relief to the weary.

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