[New Spell] Monsterize



The priest of the Spider God decided to teach the druidess Knat a lesson. Summoning a good sized spider he set the creature out to terrorize her.

Unbeknownst to Valance, Knat was expected such shenanigans from the wily cleric and was prepared. As the largish spider ambled towards her the druidess cast a spell of her own-the lobster she had just dropped grew in size, doubling, then doubling again, sharp claws pinching and snapping at the arachnid that, thinking better of the situation, scuttled back to Valance.

The priest grumbled, the druidess giggled.


Monsterize (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: One turn per level of caster

A druid spell to use in dire situations, Monsterize will take any mundane creature (i.e. an Animal, a non-magical being of Animal intelligence [below INT 4]) and make that creature four times larger than normal and give the creature two attacks that deal 1d8+2 damage each. In order to control the monster the casting druid must make a successful attribute roll against their Wisdom attribute, failing this the creature runs amok, which can still be handy.


Option: The DM/GM rolls a d6, a result of ‘6’ means the transformation is permanent. Subsequently created creatures could, theoretically, create a breeding population of monstrous creatures.

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