[New Magic Item] Gloves of Reflection

Gloves of Reflection

‘Be right back!’ Nudge exclaimed.

Without further banter, which was unusual for the chatty gnome, he slipped on a pair of leather gloves and charged towards a dusty mirror that was leaning against a wall. Chalk cringed, waiting for impact, yet Nudge slipped right into the mirror.

A few minutes later he returned, bearing a sack full of food.

‘The feast is on!’

Valance cocked a questioning eyebrow.

‘Next to the grocer’s is an outpost for the thief’s guild. We take turns trading magic items every so often…’

Used by many assassins and thieves over the years, the Gloves of Reflection are highly sought after by many a Master Assassin, and many games of strategy and betrayal have been played over ownership of a pair of these leather gloves.

Benefit: When donned the wearer may use these gloves to enter a mirror in one place and exit in another mirror, any other mirror that the wearer has touched before. The wearer can spend no longer than one turn, ten minutes, between places, if for any reason this happens the wearer of the gloves is thrown back through the mirror that he or she entered.

Usable by: Anyone.

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