[New Magic Item] Horned Staff of Lord Tusk

Horned Staff of Lord Tusk

‘We’ll never break through that door, it is barricaded too well!’ yelled one of the mercenaries.

Hold on, I’ve got a plan,’ joined in one of the company’s war wizards. He dodged into a tent to return a few moments later bearing a long device wrapped securely in blankets. Quickly he unwrapped the thing, revealing a ponderous, if deadly, looking staff, one that had two bull horns on its top and one affixed to its other end.

Koram chuckled from with the walled town.

‘They’ll never break through that door, it’s too….wait, Chalk!’

Allegedly a lost artifact once belonging to a strange archmage named Lord Tusk, the Horned Staff of Lord Tusk is a formidable weapon that never stays in one place for very long and always seems to change hands violently after it has been used to turn the tide of one conflict or another.

Benefit: This strange staff looks more like a barbarian warlord’s scepter of command than a wizard’s staff; it is bulky and has two bull-like horns at the top and one at the bottom of its oaken shaft, tied on with thick sinew that has obviously been magically treated. In addition to dealing 1d12 points of damage when used as a staff in combat, if a magic-user or druid is able to stab the bottom horn into the ground the following happens, a gorgon (as in the D&D magical bull) is conjured forth and may either be ridden into combat or directed for a total of three turns (30 minutes) per day in combat or three hours per day if used as a steed. The creature obeys the summoner and has the following statistics:


Armor Class: 2

Hit Dice: 8+4

Attacks: Gore (2d6+4) Charge (3d6+4) or by breath weapon

Special: Breath turns to stone (75′ range, save versus breath weapons applies)

Move: 180′ (60′)

XP: 1,800 if killed

The summoned gorgon has brass colored scales and a very bad attitude.

Usable by: Magic-users and druids.

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