[New Magic Item] Fixer Elixir

Fixer Elixir

‘One thousand gold pieces!’ Valance exclaimed aloud.

‘Yes, that’s the price,’ replied the snobbish merchant.

‘That is quite a sum to get back a couple of teeth,’ said the priest of the Spider God. He began fumbling around in his various pouches and pockets. Moments later he withdrew a half a dozen vicious looking spiders and set them on the counter.

‘Of course, I am open for negotiation!’ the merchant offered as soon as he saw the gruesome arachnids.

‘Just as I thought,’ grinned Valance.

Jealously guarded is the recipe for this magical potion, for a large sum may be charged for its magical properties. Few peasants can afford such an elixir that may bring back missing teeth or perhaps even that eye that was foolishly lost in a rowdy inn fight. Princesses and queens, however, will often dig into any coffer to bring back a couple of teeth or at least remove an embarrassing boil.

Benefit: By imbibing this elixir one may fix most any minor missing bit (missing tooth, finger, shed a particularly annoying boil or wart, etc) and, if that missing part affects Charisma, the drinker may improve their Charisma attribute by one point in this manner. Drinking the Fixer Elixir will replace up to 1d4 broken or missing teeth or one finger, remove a boil, etc. If this is used to replace an eye then the one missing the eye must roll 65 or under on percentile dice to see if the eye comes back, 66-00, it doesn’t. Missing hands, limbs, feet, etc are not affected by this magical potion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Fixer Elixir

  1. killervp says:

    This is a great detail spell- adds character.

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