[New Magic Item] Mastodon Helm

Mastodon Helm

The dwarf raged into the fray, atop his head was a strange furry helm, with two long curving tusks, a pair of furry ears, and a long trunk that seemed to writhe about at its wearer’s command.

‘Get some spiders on that dwarf!’ Chalk yelled as he sent a spell blazing green fire at the dwarf’s elven companion.

‘On it,’ replied Valance as he finished his prayer to the Spider God.

Within moments rather largish spiders were swarming the dwarf, who in turn laughed as he gored the main spider and wrestled another with the hairy trunk of the magical helm.

‘This is going to take more violence,’ Valance said, shaky his head.

Just then Koram and Nudge ran into the fray, weapons swirling around.

‘About time you guys,’ barked Chalk.

‘There were more dwarfs creeping up behind us,’ Koram snarled. ‘One horde of villains at a time!’

A long forgotten barbarian relic, the Mastodon Helm will alter its size to fit smaller races (it normally fits giants and ogres) which still makes it a deadly, if somewhat humorous magic item to be seen on a halfling or gnome in the fury of battle.

Benefit: In combat the wearer of the Mastodon Helm can make a gore attack twice per turn (ten minutes) in addition to their normal attack. The trunk of the helm may be used to grapple (Str 15 reach-5′) once per turn or to hold onto an item (or pin an appendage of an opponent, for example) in or out of combat. Also the ears can pick up faint sounds up to 60′ away.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear leather armor.

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