[New Spell] Know Thine Enemy

Know Thine Enemy

Valance had that grin on his face, that one that said he knew too much.

‘What is it? We need to catch those thieves!’ Chalk exclaimed as he hurriedly gathered his things.

‘Nah, we will be just fine,’ replied the cleric.

‘You used a spell that could help us?’ Chalk asked in awe.

Valance smirked.

‘Yes, and the Spider God smiled upon us! The lair of those felons has been revealed to me!’

Koram stood by the door and shivered.

‘What is it?’ Chalk asked.

‘The thought of catching the attention of the Spider God is a bit unnerving,’ replied the fighter.

Chalk nodded in agreement to that.

Know Thine Enemy (Divine)

Level 2

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous.

This odd cleric spell allows the caster to cause either themselves to know something about an enemy that they are facing. This may be the weakness of a species, an origin, usually something that the casting cleric wants to know, but not always. There is a 77% chance that the knowledge that the cleric is looking for will be revealed, yet the gods are fickle and capricious, so the information will not always be what the caster desires, but will still be useful.

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5 Responses to [New Spell] Know Thine Enemy

  1. killervp says:

    Like this- will see if my priest likes it as well.

  2. Cyrptweaver says:

    I like it, knowing the enemy is only half the battle. Infact, I like the spell so much that I decided to make a spell that is sort of similar to it known as Earth’s Speech. It’s Druid of course, but I think a creative player can see a lot of reasons to cast it. Not sure if all the terminology is correct, but nevertheless it was alot of fun to play.

    Quick Question: Is there anyway for a person who is really good at using magic to corrupt it and have the message sent to a different god? If so, redirecting this thing to someone like the God of Mischief would be a blast. Anyhow, it should be fun to use.

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the kind comment and yes, please run with these ideas, they are just a stream of consciousness thing so that players and DMs/Gms/etc can run with them. I really like knowing when these ideas are used, thank you!

  3. Mister Rab says:

    Do players wearing a Rage Against The Machine t-shirt get a bonus to their casting roll? 😉

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