[New Spell] Rekey


Vistis the Blue Mage was fiddling with the key and lock for too long.

‘What is the hold up?’ asked Stork.

‘I’m not sure. The key doesn’t want to work, someone has been tampering with this lock,’ the illusionist replied.

Snarling Stork stepped forward, muttered a few words and knocked on the door. A faint blue magical light momentarily encompassed the door then vanished. The door remained locked. The sorcerer scowled angrily.

‘How in the eleven hells?’ he swore.

Vistis raised a hand.

‘Someone is still inside the room,’ he hissed.

‘Let’s go outside to the window,’ urged Stork.

From a nearby building Chalk, Valance and Koram laughed as they watched the two spellcasters trying to enter their room at the inn as they assumed that the goat the trio left inside to cause damage was really a group of pilferers.

Rekey (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled.

The Rekey spell allows a magic-user with a key in hand to touch a lock while casting the spell to create a new key and lock combination that will only work with this key and this lock. Unless dispelled this change is permanent. Any attempt to cast Knock (or equivalent opening spell) on this lock will result in the caster needing to roll 1d4 and consulting the following table:

1-2 The Knock spell fails.

3 The lock will open once.

4 The previous spell is dismissed and the lock and key take their previous shapes.

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