[New Spell] Skyray


Valance peered off into the distance as dusk approached.

‘What’s the verdict?’ Chalk asked.

‘Looks like the king’s forces are win-wait, the light changed, maybe not, no, they are winning,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk grumbled.

‘We had better pack then and get ready to leave, just in case.’

‘But this place is comfortable,’ Valance said.

‘For now, a new king might make this place worse,’ countered Chalk.

‘Hmmm, the light went out. I wonder what that means?’ Valance asked nobody in particular.

‘I think it means we had better get on the road,’ insisted Chalk.

Skyray (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 20′

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A very simple spell, Skyray creates a ray of light, 10′ in diameter, that will rise from the ground up to 200′ in the air. The caster determines what color the light is and can change the color anytime during the spell’s duration. This spell can be used to mark an area, convey a message, distract a target or any other use the caster has in mind. If the caster dies while this spell is in effect it immediately is dispelled.

Note: Any light sensitive creatures are -3 to strike if within 30′ of this spell due to the light’s intensity.

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