[New Magic Item] Secret Salmon

Secret Salmon

‘Are we going to make it across the lake?’ a worried Valance asked. The orc pirates were gaining on the adventurers in their little boat.

‘If this trinket you stole from that gnome works,’ replied Chalk.

‘Our lives are relying on that?’ asked the priest of the Spider God even more concerned. ‘There is no guarantee that thing will work!’

A loud thump could be heard as something struck the boat and tore a small hole into it just below the water level. Valance screamed a rather high-pitched scream.

The boat kept plowing along through the water, undeterred.

‘Hey, it works,’ exclaimed Chalk.

A small hand-held amulet shaped like a salmon and carved from oak, this charm is highly sought after and many battles have been fought on land to be safe on the water later. The creatures known as Wisefish (q.v.) despise these magic items as they enjoy plundering sunken vessels and will hide these magic items when they can.

Benefit: Anyone carrying this amulet on any type of watercraft will ensure that the conveyance will not sink until the vessel has taken at least 90% damage, although at 50% damage the watercraft will be slowed by 25% from its original speed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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