[New Spell] Overwhelming Presence

Overwhelming Presence

Constable Nettles stopped in front of Chalk and his companions. The lawman eyed Valance suspiciously, the priest of the Spider God tried looking innocent.
‘Someone roughed up the tavernkeep at the Bewildered Barnacle, know anything about that?’ he asked.

Valance looked around, realized everyone was looking at him.

‘Not that I…’

Nettles cut him off with a raised hand and an overpowering aura seemed to suddenly oppress the cleric.

‘I might have been in the…..RUN!’

Chalk and Koram scattered along with Valance.

Nettles raised a horn to his lips and winded it, the hunt was on.

Overwhelming Presence (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 10 feet +5′ per level

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

When cast the cleric rolls 1d4+1, this is the amount of Charisma points that can be taken from one or more PCs or NPCs within range of the priest or priestess to add to their own Charisma score. These points can be used to influence others or for further spellcasting. Those who have had their Charisma temporarily reduced by this spell will be affected as if their opponent has an 18 CHR whether it was boosted that high or not.

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